VIDEO: Wesley's Greatest Touchdown

VIDEO: Wesley's Greatest Touchdown

Feature contributed by Wesley football play-by-play announcer Sean Greene, WDEL 101.7 FM and Delaware SportsZone Sports Director.

I've been the radio play-by-play voice for Wesley College Football since 2009, and I've called a lot of touchdowns, but I've never saw one like the one I saw this morning.

Wesley College posted a YouTube video of Ben Knapp taking a handoff out of the pistol formation at a recent practice, and "running" for a 10-yard touchdown.

I've screamed "Touchdown Wesley" 527 times in my career, in states from California to Maine to Alabama, but this one is different.

Ben Knapp is the son of Wesley offensive coordinator Chip Knapp, and both of their lives changed six years ago, when Wesley was travelling to a game at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

During a layover in Breezewood, Pennsylvania, something went wrong with Ben, and suddenly Knapp was summoning Steve Azzanesi to provide life-saving CPR, but the damage was done.

My broadcast colleague Jason Bowen told the story of that day better than I can, in an article on

Ben, who was an honors student at Dover High School, and I'm told quite the pitcher, suddenly found himself in a wheelchair.

Chip, a former starting quarterback at Cornell, suddenly found himself balancing caring for his son, and his football family.

To his credit, Chip has managed both brilliantly.

Win or lose, if Ben can be at a game, there he is, coming onto the field after the game to greet his Wesley family.

Enter the video.

Ben is brought into the huddle for a play from the 4-yard line. He takes the handoff from new starting QB Khaaliq Burroughs, and like so many Wesley tailbacks before, he powered right behind the center and left guard and into the end zone for a "TOUCHDOWN WESLEY"!

Screams of "Yeah, Ben", and "Let's Go" from his teammates resonated off the Drass Field at Scott D. Miller Stadium turf, and Ben, who already had a bit of a smile, broke out a laugh of joy.

Tough days will undoubtedly continue for the Knapp family, but because of their association with Wesley football, they're never fighting through those things alone.

Sure, sports have some issues that need to be worked out. Safety and long-term health issues are real, and will only see more light as medical and analytical breakthroughs are made.

Perhaps too much attention is being put on the chase for college scholarships, especially how early players are being recruited and judged, often before they've matured into the physical bodies they would have in college.

But, you know what sports can be, should be, and thankfully in many places, actually is? Family.

I'm left to hope that touchdown meant as much to Wesley's players as any they will score in their careers.