Men's Hoops' Tour of Canada Blog

Men's Hoops' Tour of Canada Blog

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DOVER, Del. -
Rasheed Carter, a junior on the Wesley College men's basketball team, will write a daily blog of his experience in Canada as the Wolverines men's basketball team takes on several collegiate and club teams from our northern neighbors.

Day 1
We have finally arrived in Canada!!!! The scenery is already amazing, but we all can say that the ride was quiet, but also tiresome. It's almost hard to believe that we're in another country, but you soon realize it once you read the highway signs in French. Having little to no experience with the French language, I believe we will have people who can speak English that can assist us. Shoot around is at six, so until then we all will be relaxing in our rooms. I may go sightseeing just for a little and I'll be sure to bring the camera with me and money for something to eat.

Day 2

Bonjour!!! Day 2 and we are feeling extremely confident. The game comes first and after the win we can go sightseeing. It seems as if the people here ignore us as if we were from a different planet. The best thing I saw was my own Canadian money. It's so different here and I love it. I wish I could speak French because I would have a great time socializing and meeting new people. But on a serious note, our game against Champlain College is less than five hours away and it's time to get focused. I'm pretty sure I'll be back with a positive outcome.



 <------ Canadian Money




Great news!!! We 42!!!. Everyone was outstanding. We started off a little slow trying to adjust to the tempo, but after that we really played well. I have to put-up for David Langan and Quincy Pettiford. David led the team in scoring with 22 points while Quincy recorded his first double-double bringing in 16 rebounds and 16 points, great job fellas. After that hard fought win it's time to celebrate with a team dinner and a night of relaxation. One thing Coach (Kobasa) said to us before we played was not only are we representing the name on our jersey's (Wesley) but our country, and that stood out.  It felt great to be a part of something special. Now it's time to get focused on our next game. Hard work pays off. You get what you put in, so why stop now. Gotta keep pushin'!

Day 3

A Day of sightseeing and relaxation. I must say that this day was needed, just the chance to sit back and view the city is so stress relieving. I'm thinking I may want to live here for a while (after college). I promise I will have more pictures by tomorrow so you can experience or at least have a glimpse of how nice it is. Gametime tomorrow! Time to do some research and get focused. We were told we should have better competition because everyone knows about what we did to our last opponent. It's crazy how much these guys just want to beat us.  All we can say is we are ready for any challenge and look forward to another great game by Wesley College.

Day 4
Game Preparation is what it's all about. We still have business to take care of before we enjoy the last few days here. The food here is different, the servings are smaller than in America so I see why they may be healthier as far as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Many of the players are finding it a little difficult to adjust to the foods up here, but I'm just fine with it. For instance, we had lemonade with a leaf mint which was very strong, but I had it before so it was fine with me. I can see myself staying out of the United States for a while in the near future, but until then, I'll enjoy these last two days and then get ready for school Sunday. Oh yes I do have more pictures.

Day 5
The last and final day. Last night game was battle testing and the team responded with a Win. In spite of having to play against grown men, we came out on top. Keeping our composure is the important thing we must do in the next game, especially for myself. I wanted to give out some stats, just so you would know who did what, but there are times where stats doesn't tell it all. We all played a big part in our success, which means the coaches, managers, and of course every player. We even had fans who supported us, who I can't leave out. The motto for today's game is 'Work hard, Play hard.' We worked so hard to get here, and now we just have to play are hearts out to get the win. Canada has been good to us, but there's nothing like being home, especially coming home with no losses. We are in for another battle, but many of us have been through tougher situations in life and came out on top. We'll take this week as a learning experience.

Day 6
As I awoke this morning, the very first thing that came to my mind, besides going back to sleep, was the fact that our team was the only team to remain undefeated in Canadian play. Every other team lost at least one game, and as for us, we did not face defeat. Although we were sluggish from the previous game, we won by 11 points (Wesley 77, Citadins 66). Playing together and believing in each other, we were able to come out on top. A Put up for my bro, Devon Davidson, leading the team in scoring in last night's game with 17 points. As a team, we really feel we can go far this year with all the hard work we put in, with much more to come. If you didn't know, the new season started as soon as last season ended so when other teams are resting, we're the team working hard for this upcoming year and is looking for total dominance. One more put up for Chris Douglas, who was with us throughout this tour. Thanks for being a leader, great player, great friend and teammate;we're happy that we finished your Wesley career the right way. Finally the vacation is over and time to prepare for classes on Monday. Goodbye Canada!!!