Wolverines Learn Valuable Lessons at Dover Air Force Base

Wolverines Learn Valuable Lessons at Dover Air Force Base

DOVER, Del. - When Head Coach Dean Burrows loaded the Wesley College Men's Basketball team into vans and drove them to the Dover Air Force Base for a day trip, the team did not know exactly what to expect. What they got was a tour of the facility, and several lessons that all boiled down to one phrase: Everything Matters.

The team met and spoke to several different members of the military stationed at Dover Air Force Base, from those on the ground floor to the commanding officers. The message from each individual was that no matter the task at hand or the duty assigned, it was to be done and done well in order to contribute to the overall mission, a message that Coach Burrows has been attempting to instill in his team.

"To see how much pride and passion that each and every person had in his job no matter where they fall in the chain of command was inspiring," said Coach Burrows. "They all know and understand that they are accountable to the mission and that it is greater than any of them."

The Wolverines explored the air base, going from hangar to hangar, and even got to visit the flight control tower and see the logistics of the operations within. Each member of the Air Force Base that the team spoke with took pride in their job, completed it with efficiency, and went about their day.

"This day came at just the right time for us as we continue to grow as individuals and as a unit," said Burrows. He has harped on the idea that everything matters for the Wolverines. Doing the small things and making sacrifices for the greater mission is something that he has worked with the team to understand and live by.

"Speechless is the only word that comes to mind after the experience that we were more than fortunate to have today at Dover Air Force Base," said Burrows of the experience. 

The team will host Dover Air Force Base Appreciation Night on January 4 when the team takes on Christopher Newport University. "We can't wait until we have a few of the folks who took care of us today out to see our guys in action doing what they do," said Burrows.

The Wolverines begin their season on November 15 with a trip to Alvernia. The squad will play their first home game on November 27 when they play host to Catholic University.