Wesley Men’s Basketball Eliminated from NCAA Tournament

Wesley Men’s Basketball Eliminated from NCAA Tournament

Ashland, VA – In the first round of the NCAA Tournament, the Randolph-Macon Yellow Jackets handed Wesley an 81-69 loss, ending their playoff run and season. After a rough first half in which Randolph-Macon led the Wolverines 37-27, Wesley was never able to regain its lead in the second and found the Yellow Jackets one step ahead with every play.

During the first five minutes of the first half, the Wolverines kept up with Randolph-Macon's pace of play. Brian Cameron shot a layup to bring the score to 12-10 with Wesley down by two at 14:05. The Men's Basketball team couldn't find any offensive rhythm for nearly four minutes after as the Yellow Jackets pulled away on a nine-point scoring run.

The Wolverines would keep up with Randolph-Macon's offense before the end of the half, staying within five to seven points. It was until the 22 second mark that the Yellow Jackets began to really pull away with the lead, outscoring the Wolverines 37-27 at halftime.

In the second half, Randolph-Macon picked up where they left off, distancing themselves from Wesley by 19 points at the 15:55 mark 51-32. After a layup made by Derick Charles, Wesley found itself outscoring the Yellow Jackets 10 points to four, coming within a manageable nine points of the lead.

With two minutes left to play in regulation, Wesley couldn't make up the 14-point difference between them and the Yellow Jackets, trailing 74-60. Randolph-Macon's free throw abilities made a comeback impossible with such little time left for the Wolverines.

Brian Cameron tallied 34 points on the evening while sinking all 11 of his free throw attempts. He was one rebound shy of a double-double with nine and dished out three assists.

Derick Charles looked dominant from field goal range, scoring 100% within the three-point line for 17 points. Charles also had five rebounds in his efforts to help Wesley keep possession of the ball.

The Men's Basketball team ends its season, 18-10 overall with tonight's loss against Randolph-Macon.