Introducing the 2016-17 Captains for Wesley Women’s Lacrosse

Introducing the 2016-17 Captains for Wesley Women’s Lacrosse

DOVER, Del. – The Wesley College women's lacrosse team is looking to turn things around this season with the addition of new coach Jillian Lontz. Lontz joins the Wolverines after spending five seasons with the Hornets at Delaware State University. Lontz is a Wesley alumna and returns to assist the Wolverines in building a strong and forceful women's lacrosse program. Last season, the team went 3-12 overall and averaged 6.73 goals per game. The squad went 1-7 in the Capital Athletic Conference defeating conference foe Southern Virginia, 16-7. The Wolverines are looking to captains Madison Cypher and Kaitlin Brennen to help improve and lead the squad to victory.

1. What led you to come to Wesley College?

Maddison Cypher: I came from a very small town, very small high school. I didn't think I would be comfortable at a big name school so I decided to come and look at Wesley. It felt like a "homie" environment and I felt super comfortable on my first visit so I decided to give it a chance.

Kaitlin Brennen: I came to Wesley after transferring from a big name school. I wanted the smaller setting, smaller class sizes and the ability to play lacrosse again.

2. How long have you been playing lacrosse?

MC: I think I started in first or second grade, pretty much my whole life. My mom played, my dad played, my uncle played. I came from a big lacrosse town. Everyone plays there.

KB: I've been playing lacrosse since third grade, since I was about seven or eight. It runs in my family. My Mom played and my grandmother played. It's been the family a long time so I had to play too.

3. What are your goals for the season?

MC: To change the theme and tone of Wesley College women's lacrosse team and be completion. To be competition and be a team that people not fear but intimidated and to change what it looks like every time we go out on the field.

KB: I think our main goal this year is a fresh start. We are really trying to come out as a brand new team. Starting from the bottom and working our way up, working our butts off to get better and be the best and that's really our focus this year.

4. What does it mean to be a captain?

MC: To just be the positive voice. When you're doing something wrong or you need to be fixed, that's what the coach is for but the captains can be there to like lift you up and take you by the hand and make sure you are still running and still doing the drill. Kind of to keep everyone together and keep everyone close.

KB: I think being a captain to me is being the person on and off the field. We have our coach but we want all of the girls to feel like they can come to us for anything and keep the structure and hard work going throughout the season.

5. What are you planning to do after graduation?

MC: Either grad school or law school. I have not really made that decision yet.

KB: After graduation I plan on becoming a nurse. I am not sure what kind yet but I would really like to travel and see more of the world and just really help as many people as I can.

6. What is an interesting fact people may not know about you?

MC: So I still have a baby tooth and I lost my last baby tooth before that in eighth grade so I am still a child.

KB: Kind of a funny fact I broke my forth toe when I was four years old when I fell off of my jungle gym. It never grew again so my fourth toe on my right foot is smaller than the others. His name is little Joe.