Coach For A Week: Dr. Jeffrey Gibson

Coach For A Week: Dr. Jeffrey Gibson

DOVER, Del. - The Wesley College Women's Soccer team had a new face along their sideline earlier this season. It was Dr. Jeffrey Gibson, Wesley's Vice President for Student Affairs and Provost, serving as the Wolverines' Coach for a Week.

The Wesley Coach for a Week program was developed to allow Wesley College faculty and non-athletics staff to see student-athletes in action, all of the time and commitment that they dedicate to their athletic careers while also balancing their academics and committing time to them as well.

Dr. Gibson noted that these Wesley student-athletes were making the most of their opportunities on campus: "These student-athletes really are living a very full life on campus," said Gibson. "They are academically engaged, and then dedicating a similar amount of time and commitment to their sport. It says alot about them as people."

Dr. Gibson was on the sideline for the Wolverines' contest again Lehman College (N.Y.), a 2-0 win for the Navy and White. When asked if he impacted the outcome or gave a riveting halftime speech, Gibson would not claim any credit, "I doubt I had any effect on the outcome of the game. The athletes earned it."

Not only was he around for the weekend's game, he joined the team for film study and practice during the week as well. He was impressed with the level of preparation that Head Coach Ed Muntz and Assistant Coach Callum Salter put into installing a gameplan.

"I went to the [Julia DeFelice} Team Room for film study and preparation and I was really impressed," said Dr. Gibson. "The coaches had iPads and had highlight clips and edited footage. To see that kind of tactical approach to the game was fascinating."

Dr. Gibson was also impressed at the dedication and split time between tactical and technical practice time as the Wolverines worked to improve not only their physical fitness and skill but their mental preparation as well.

"This is a young team and they're generating success with a roster of a lot of Delaware locals," said Gibson. "The college's first-year population is almost 50% Delaware natives, so it's great to see that we are contributing to Delaware as a college and impacting its students while offering a great degree and a quality program."

Overall it appeared that Dr. Gibson enjoyed his time with the Wesley College Women's Soccer team, "It was a great experience and I would definitely do it again," he said.