Wesley Field Hockey Players Honor Inspirational Coaches

Wesley Field Hockey Players Honor Inspirational Coaches

DOVER, Del. - Field hockey, like any other sport, takes time, dedication, patience, and guidance in order to succeed. On Sunday during a pre-game ceremony the Wesley College Field Hockey team honored the people in their lives that instilled the passion for the game of field hockey in them.

Each player on the team chose one individual that had an impact on them, inspiring them to play field hockey at a young age and continue their drive and determination to play at the college level. These inspirational coaches received a framed picture of the team and special thank you letters from the student-athletes. 

Wesley Head Field Hockey Coach Tracey Short felt that this kind of recognition was extremely important for her team and the surrounding field hockey community.

"At the beginning of the season we were trying to help our players see that many people have impacted their lives. We asked them to choose a coach or a person that encouraged them, inspired them or pushed them in regards to the sport of field hockey.," said Coach Short. "The ladies all have a passion and commitment to a sport that most people don't understand.  The coaches were touched and honored to be chosen by their respective players and appreciated the 'thank you' and recognition from our team."

The Wolverine players embraced the opportunity to honor those who had an impact on them in the sport that they love. Senior Lauren Niezgoda honored former Caesar Rodney head coach Debbie Windett, "I loved the celebration. It was a great opportunity to share about our experiences of field hockey and where we are today in our careers with the people that helped get us started."  

Morgan Gannon, who chose to honor Wesley Field Hockey Alum Madison Leone agreed, "This was a great opportunity to thank [the coaches] and show them that they had a big impact on our field hockey careers and give them credit for that. Madison was a role model for me and someone I aspired to be like as a player."

The scene on the field with the players surrounded by those who had molded them into who they had become as athletes was a special one. 

"It was so awesome to have [all the coaches and players] together all at the same time," said senior Allison Perugini. "To have all the coaches on the field and see how they had impacted us all, that was a really special moment."



#1 Brittany Bishop   Stefany Krygier
#2 Taylor Timmons   Heather Desiderio
#3 Morgan Gannon   Madison Leone
#4 Allison Perugini   Stefany Krygier
#5 Katelyn Harding   Monica Wheatley & Connie Bean
#6 Alexiss Hulse   Sabra Collins
#7 Isabella Lucia   Heather Trabaudo
#8 Lauren Niezgoda   Debbie Windett
#10 Alissa Clayton   Amy Ambrosius
#13 Emily Wagner   Tom LeNoir
#14 Rebecca Dvorak   Susan Grudis
#15 Maggie Matthews   Coach Vittese
#20 Kasey Fry   Andrea Fleming-McPike
#22 Morgan Seymour   Fran Strosser
#23 Natalie Quigley   Kathleen Fluharty
#31 Kayla Fromal   Stefany Krygier
#85 Bridget Wood   Ned Davis
#87 Sydney Stump   Andrea Fleming-McPike
#90 Sidney Knott   Pam Sherry
#99 Makenzie McIntyre   Mike Muir