Despite Strong First Half, Wesley Succumbs to Neumann

Despite Strong First Half, Wesley Succumbs to Neumann

Dover, DE – As Wesley's Women's Basketball fought hard to hold a tight lead through the first half of the game, the team ultimately dropped their eighth straight loss on Wednesday night against Neumann at home. The final score was 55-39.

The Wolverines came out strong during the first half, leading by as many as seven points. Neumann's offense kept up with Wesley's pace, however, finding themselves only down by two at the end of the half, 23-21. Rebounds and steals were plenty as the team hoped to prevent Neumann from taking the lead.

An eventual exchange of leads occurred in the third, with Neumann leading 28-26 at 5:37 mark. The Knights never looked back from here as the Wolverines trailed 41-30 by the end of the quarter.

The Women's Basketball team couldn't come back from the deficit as Neumann outscored Wesley's offense and secured their victory, preventing a glimmer of hope in the Wolverines' search for their first conference win.

SherVohnia Tolson led the team in rebounds with 15, while Katelyn Watson grabbed 11 rebounds of her own. The Wolverines gathered 65 total rebounds in the loss.

Angelique Gathers shot 50% from the field sinking nine points while dishing out two assists and bodying the ball for seven rebounds.

The Women's team will take on the Immaculata Mighty Macs on Saturday at 1p.m.